Discover all the tasks for the graveyard management

Land register management of the graveyard

  • Land register storage of each artefact
  • Management of the maintenance, occupation and building data
  • Census of the historical and artistic status and the regulations up to standard
  • Historical archive of the demolished land register

Graveyard map

  • Map management of the columbarium niche
  • Map management of the graveyard and burial with an open source open street map spot
  • Integration with the Geographical Information System (in Italian SIT) using different free apps
  • Quickly and immediate creation of different area such as free/occupied space, maintenance status, booked works etc…

Graveyard operations planning

For each graveyard activity, both single or for more people, the software in cloud manages the economical plan (budget forecast) and timing (intervention operational plan), the assignment of the necessary resources (people and means) , the arrangement and the print of service sheet , informing letter, minutes, and generally all necessary documents, the plan of graveyard entrance for some vehicle or workers from external companies and not last the complete management of the administrative and accounting part.

File regarding the cremation

  • Administrative management of the file, control and invoice
  • list of relatives, referents, recipient of the communication, supporting companies
  • Issue of the law printing related to the cremation (request, authorization, minutes, register, etc.)
  • Management for the ashes delivery and the entrust for custody or for scattering ashes
  • Historical archive of custody changes

Management of the cremator

Beyond all the administrative points mentioned above you can:

  • Plan and optimize the schedule
  • Manage the cremator
  • Management of the assigned staff thanks to the traceable system of the cremation process
  • Dashboard for the assigned staff to the cremator in order to check it
  • Check of the usage and plan for future maintenance

Socrem management

  • Register of the members
  • List of relatives, references and recipient of communication
  • Collection of the wills
  • Management of the funeral costs
  • Issue and management of the periodic membership
  • Management of communication, organization of meetings, reminders

Devotional light

  • Complete list of all subscribers
  • Management of lighting spots (start-up, disabling, failure, maintenance)
  • Management of discount and increased price ons-off for planned shutdown, working etc…
  • Periodic billing of the service
  • Administrative management of documents and print forms (contracts, requests, disabling, invoice for the connection, etc…)
  • Management of TD896 reports for self-printing (in Italian MAV, Rid, RiBa)
  • Management of reminders

Funeral service and transport

Bit on Cloud takes care of all the aspects regarding the funeral organization and transports, as well as funeral home, from the administrative and accounting management, to the team organization.

  • Issue, logging and electronic archive of documents, of all the authorizations and prints in accordance with the national and regional regulations
  • Funeral organization thorough workflow from the selling of the coffin to the necrology
  • Check of the church availability, organization of the arrival of the deceased inside the cemetery and into the managed cremator
  • Management of headstones, inscriptions and memorials
  • Centralized management of all the communications towards the local health authority, the priest, magazines, hospitals, florists, marble cutters, service centre, ISTAT…
  • Reservation of the funeral service via web

Agenda and task

Bit on Cloud helps you with project management too! You coordinate your projects, plan your activities with your colleagues, customers, suppliers using the software’s calendar and work flow. You can check: all the activities from your clients, the contract or field. With Bit on Cloud you can easily control the time used for each project and plan working deadlines.

Electronic invoicing and fiscal documents


BoC manages the whole invoicing process. According to your company you can manage every kind of fiscal documents including but not limited to orders, fiscal receipts, electronic invoices and e-invoices for the Public Administration and withholding tax invoices. Thanks to the possibility to create one or more fiscal profile according to your needs, you are always able to manage your active services also when the regulation has changed or evolved. Moreover, you can re-shape your numbering and classification methodology when it comes to your accounting, fiscal and social security documents. Through an intelligent set of rules which you can customized, BoC manages periodical invoices, bills and consolidated invoices with few easy steps.

Manage electronic invoice among privates (in italian fepr) and electronic invoice for the PA (in italian fepa)

With Bit on Cloud you can issue the electronic invoice to the public administration with xml format but you can also send and receive the document directly from ES (Exchange System) and check successfully your sent messages without further third part or software. With BoC you can also upload electronic invoices from your suppliers in just clicks. Your xml documents can be sent easily to groups directly from your tax consultant.

Data flow for the fiscal authority

Bit on Cloud makes available the necessary data flows for the filling of your relevant tax return forms.

Deceased and burials archive

  • List of each deceased, both funeral and burial
  • List of relatives, references and recipient of communication
  • Complete management for health and deceased data
  • Burial management (included the private ones), ashes scattering and custody
  • Historical storage regarding the burial changes for each deceased

Historical storage and contract changes

  • Management of the duration, deadlines and renewal of the issued contract
  • Change of heading, replacement and property changes
  • Decay and state of neglect
  • Retrocession and refund
  • Historical archive of the permit steps for each burial

Permits archive

  • Management of classification of burial assignment
  • List of dealers, entitled, referent relatives, recipient of communication
  • Multi property management according to the ownership shares
  • Issue, print, register, protocol and contract storage
  • Issue, print and registration of the fiscal document related to the contract

Register of customers and suppliers

With Bit on Cloud you create and manage your customers and suppliers’ details independently (people, association or legal person). There are no limits to the amount of details and if a customer or a supplier is no more active you can anyway keep it in your archive. The system makes the research, changes or updating the details easier without the risk to double them because each personal detail are unique. Beyond all the basic and management data you can easily customized each field adding:

  • Contacts and delivery addresses
  • Mails and contacts for which you have the marketing consent in accordance with the GDPR rules
  • Payment agreements and agreed discounts
  • Professional tasks
  • Bank coordinates according to SEPA

Sending documents and communications

Thanks to the integrated messaging service in Bit on Cloud, you can shape even automatic service sending mails, SMS, telegrams to your customers, suppliers and contacts. (sending documents, reminders, accounts, information, notices, etc….)  following the GDPR regulations and adding your style, subjects and attachments.

Documents storage

Once we should have called it record but the BoC’s documents storage is more than that! You index, store, keep your documents easily and quickly. You create the key to archive and to index following your activity and adding all the attachments you want. BoC saves files in any format, from pdf or xml for received invoices to your word letterhead which is available anytime to your partners. From cad .dwg format sent to your customer, to the pdf sent offer. With the network flexibility and BoC storage power, your office will be always with you!

Print templates

From customized print with your logo to statistics. You can choose a wide selection of templates and charts. If you cannot find what you need, just ask us! We will be happy to create it for you and the Bit on Cloud community!

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