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Manage schools and classrooms

From the public to the private school you can file and manage all your schools included year groups, courses and classes. You can coordinate easily the classroom assignment for teachers and the list of needed tools for each course. Moreover, the system allows you to manage and optimize quickly, the temporary lease to others, rentals, co-location services and sharing spaces.

Manage year groups and classes

Create easily and quickly your year groups according to residence, date of birth, already attended courses, etc… at the end of each school year or at the end of each course, you can organize and plan new courses in just clicks thanks to the icon “move classes” or “manage subscribers”.

Manage offered courses and services 

Create the list of your courses and services and personalize them every time, freely. You can manage:

  • all year around courses (nursery, pre-school, primary and secondary school, canteen, music, dancing, English, company training…)
  • individual services (school bus, one to one lesson, pre-school, afterschool, private lessons, lectures)
  • Ons-off and one-time services (baby parking, birthday party, trips, gym and swimming pool entrance).

Register of subscribers and associated

Manage students, children, subscribers and associated lists without limits. The subscription form, completely customized, allow you to collect all the data used by the service periodically or based on the usage. In addition, you can add information about food allergies and for children about ISEE fees and people who are in charge of collecting them (included identity cards and contacts details). Bit on Cloud allows you to have always your subscribers list: you can manage all the subscriptions forms in accordance with courses, year groups and classes. You can add who is paying each service and how. You can also add automatic notice or information (via email or SMS to remind payments or deadlines). If you are a sport or no-profit association, our software allows you to have easily a subscriber register. Keep your subscriber’s information forever without additional costs!

Price list management

This software allows you to manage your price lists for sale and purchase. You can customize them for the duration of the course or service, school year, activity area, customer or area. You can keep previous price lists and you can create the new ones without changing the validity manually.

Manage family members and discounts

Do you have a sibling already in our school? 10% discount for you! Are you introducing your friend who plays football with you? For both 5% discount for the first month! Are you a local authority and do you have to apply discounts for nurseries fee in accordance with the ISEE income? No problem! With Bit on Cloud, offers and discounts are managed and applied automatically thanks to a smart system of dynamic rules that you can set up and manage freely. You set up rules and Bit on Cloud thinks about all the rest automatically (invoicing, promotions, information).

Agenda and task

Agenda and task area are a powerful tool able to make your and your colleagues’ work better. You can check activities such as the preparation of course materials, homework corrections, training offer and you check also the time spent for each project. You can plan deadlines and share with others.

Check mark and meals

Manage and check easily and quickly meals and attended courses for each subscriber. Using badge, tablets and pass you can easily add Bit on Cloud to your tools for checking.

Borrowing books from the school and library

You can improve the management of your library. Bit on Cloud allows you to do the inventory of your books and to manage quickly and easily the borrowing of books and textbooks. Bit on Cloud allows you to manage a usage of textbooks for each course, year groups and classes smartly so, the real need of each book is checked.

Business unit analysis

With Bit on Cloud you can manage the entire passive cycle of your business. From monitoring costs and business units, to cash flow.
Easily create reports and analytical statistics of your cost centers by area of ​​activity.

Data flow for the fiscal authority

Bit on Cloud makes available the necessary data flows for the filling of your relevant tax return forms.

Manage electronic invoice among privates (in italian fepr) and electronic invoice for the public administration (in italian fepa)

With Bit on Cloud you can issue the electronic invoice for the public administration with xml format but you can also send and receive the document directly from ES (Exchange system) and check successfully your sent messages without further third part or software. With Bit on Cloud you can also upload electronic invoices from your suppliers in just clicks. Your xml documents can be sent easily to groups directly from your tax consultant.

Electronic invoicing and fiscal documents

Bit on Cloud manages the whole invoicing process. According to your company you can manage every kind of fiscal documents including but not limited to orders, fiscal receipts, electronic invoices and e-invoices for the Public Administration and withholding tax invoices. Thanks to the possibility to create one or more fiscal profile according to your needs, you are always able to manage your active services also when the regulation has changed or evolved. Moreover, you can re-shape your numbering and classification methodology when it comes to your accounting, fiscal and social security documents. Through an intelligent set of rules which you can customized, Bit on Cloud manages periodical invoices, bills and consolidated invoices with few easy steps.

Issue fee, invoice, top ups portfolio

For each service you can choose to issue monthly or periodically fees or your subscribers can create virtual pay as you go portfolio where they can proceed with top ups. Every time they are using one of the services such as: canteen, baby parking, gym entrance, one to one lesson etc… money will be taken. When the credit is low, Bit on Cloud will send an email or a SMS automatically. For each service you can choose to issue the electronic invoice monthly or periodically and before or after the cash-ins.​

Mailing documents and communications

With Bit on Cloud your communications to students, parents and associates are fast and effective! The CRM allows you to send mails, SMS, telegrams automatically with all the information you want (sending documents, reminders, accounts, information, notices, etc….) Following the GDPR regulations and adding your style, subjects and attachments.

Print templates

From customized print with your logo to statistics. You can choose a wide selection of templates and charts. If you cannot find what you need, just ask us! We will be happy to create it for you and the Bit on Cloud community!

Dear diary and private area

Students, parents and subscribers can log into a private area that you can add to your website. They can view their subscriptions, presence, active services, votes, documents, payment status and services based on usage. If you are a nursery or a pre-school, teachers can upload quickly every day on their diary detailed information about the kid’s day (daily activities, meals, naps…) Parents can be part of it just checking on internet (via MAC, pc, smartphone and tablet).

Documents storage

Once we should have called it record but the Bit on Cloud’s documents storage is more than that! You index, store, keep your documents easily and quickly. You create the key to archive and to index following your activity and adding all the attachments you want. Bit on Cloud saves files in any format, from pdf or xml for received invoices to your word letterhead which is available anytime to your partners. From cad .dwg format sent to your customer, to the pdf sent offer. With the network flexibility and Bit on Cloud storage power, your office will be always with you!

Marketing and communication mails

Bit on Cloud is also a strong CRM. Thanks to the integrated messaging service and marketing mails, you can plan marketing campaign (newsletters, promotions, offers…) and speak with students, parents, associated or anybody you want, managing the consent according to the GDPR regulations. Without giving up your creativity and your style, thanks to an endearing and easy interface.

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Upload from and download to other systems

Bit on Cloud is open and ready to be interface with all other business systems (for instance, Oracle EBS and Arxivar) The interface with other systems and software is fast and safe using API and Web Services.

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